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Personal Zoo is a dedicated web application designed to manage your personal zoo effectively. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily track essential data such as feedings, shedding, weight, and more.



Track your feedings

With our feeding tracking feature, you can easily monitor and manage your animals’ feedings. You have the flexibility to add feedings with specific size and weight measurements, or simply input descriptive text for each feeding

Track Events / Actions

In the app’s events/actions section, you can conveniently document various occurrences such as medical treatments, shedding, and more. This feature allows you to keep a comprehensive record of important events related to your animals.

Manage your Terrariums

Keep track of various aspects such as cleaning, lighting, and more. You can create, edit, and document changes to your terrarium setups, ensuring optimal living conditions for your reptile friends.

Behind Personal Zoo

About me

Ferdinand Berger

Main Developer

Personal data

  name: "Ferdinand Berger"
  nickname: "Ferdy"
  born: 1985
    - name: Sonja
    - name: "Hanna"
      born: 2016
    - name: "Robin"
      born: 2020
  home: "South-West of Germany"

Getting started

How to start

Personal Zoo is a free software!

Self Hosted



Local Hardware required

Basic Docker knowlage required

You need tp update by yourself

Support via Github Issues

Hosted by Personal Zoo



No setup costs

No need for technical knowlage

Automatic Updates

Basic Support via Mail

Call to Action

Any questions

If you have any questions about Personal Zoo feel free to conatct me at any time

Stay informed

Latest News

Here you can find my latest Blog posts about the last changes I made!