Feature Overview

My app primarily focuses on two main functions: feeding tracking and event/action management. Please note that this application is not designed for breeding purposes. If you are involved in breeding, there are specialized apps available to cater to those needs.


The incorporation of user accounts marks the initial implementation of security features within Personal Zoo. This fundamental addition enhances the application’s overall security and sets the stage for future security enhancements.


In the app’s events/actions section, you can conveniently document various occurrences such as medical treatments, shedding, and more. This feature allows you to keep a comprehensive record of important events related to your animals.


With our feeding tracking feature, you can easily monitor and manage your animals’ feedings. You have the flexibility to add feedings with specific size and weight measurements, or simply input descriptive text for each feeding.


The newly added feature, Terrariums, provides you with a powerful tool to manage and monitor your reptile habitats. Keep track of various aspects such as cleaning, lighting, and more. You can create, edit, and document changes to your terrarium setups, ensuring optimal living conditions for your reptile friends.